One year on, the question on ICT and job creation is still high on the political agenda. As Vice-President Kroes put it: “From 2006 to 2010, the number of ICT graduates actually shrank by 10%; pretty soon, Europe could face one million unfilled ICT jobs. At a time of unemployment – wouldn’t that be absolutely crazy?"

This is why the EU Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs was created; to enhance new forms of collaboration especially between the corporate world and the training and education sector; to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow; to make a difference not just continue business as usual. But in order to address these challenges properly, we must also reflect how are these today's learners and learning systems equipped for the requirements of tomorrow's job markets.

Workshop 1 "Digital skills for jobs and learning" is devoted to discuss these problems and the solutions, with particular regard to the Grand Coalition pledges of different actors and in a wider context - looking at how we can shape education to deliver the skills we need through the use of ICT. 


Join the online debate in Digital Agenda for Europe on digital skills for jobs and learning  

How to encourage more young people to envisage a degree in ICT or drivers and opportunities of learning in the digital era are debates being discussed in Digital Agenda Assembly next 19th and 20th June in Dublin. Please join the online debate, and twitter: #da13skills.