The report provides information and statistics, for the year 2013, on on-demand audiovisual services established and available in the 28 Member States, with a number of details about their genre, exact place of establishment, origin of controlling company, content and distribution mode, etc . The new report covers about 3000 services.

The sector is growing fast and the number of on-demand audiovisual services available in Europe is rising, driven by rapid consumer adoption and made possible by technological innovations and a shift in consumption habits.

The report gives a general overview of the European on-demand audiovisual market in different business segments: online advertising and advertising-supported on-demand services, transactional video on-demand services, subscription video on-demand services and services provided by public organisations. The report contains a sample study on the presence of 50 European films selected among award winners and blockbusters on catalogues of VOD service providers in 7 EU Member States, as well as a description of the pan-European strategies of on-demand audiovisual services providers.

The European online landscape is fragmented, with each country having a different market situation, language and culture, and this fragmentation adds another layer of complexity when we look at the pan-European picture. The data collected and analysed seeks to give a picture of the general state of the European on-demand market, pinpoint areas where more investigation is needed and help to identify potential challenges and issues that will affect the European media sector in the years to come.

The report was prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory under a contract with the European Commission’s DG Connect.  All data are the result of primary research carried out by the Observatory itself and stored in a specific database originally financed by the European Commission (DG COMM).

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