The number of entries made by doctors in the electronic health records (EHRs) of the Czech national IZIP system now averages over 800 000 per month, a new record reported on 1/11/2011. According to IZIP's statistics, the number of entries made in the EHRs increased from 20 376 234 (20/5/2011) to 24 593 956 (31/10/2011), a rise of more than 25 % in just five months. Thus more and more doctors are writing (and reading) in the electronic health records, producing a rapidly expanding database of valuable health information for doctors. The recent increase in use of IZIP has been particularly high in the two regions covered by the pilot project 'The quality of care - A2G', which began in September 2011. These two regions are Karlovy Vary (in the far west of the Czech Republic) and Vyso─Źina (south central).