This two-day event is devoted to explore the innovation potential of Cyber-Physical Systems. How can EU Research and Innovation Programmes stimulate the creation of new industrial platforms led by EU-actors and facilitate the match making between future user/customer needs and technology offers? How can ecosystems for growth and jobs be bootstrapped around such platforms?These and other challenges need to be tackled so that Europe can stay competitive in today’s increasingly global economy.

Embedded Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) – from components and software to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) – gain in importance more than ever, not only for the ICT supply industry but also for the system integrators in all major mainstream sectors of the economy. This represents a great opportunity for innovators and industry in Europe, even more so, as one of Europe‘s main strengths is the ability and capacity to build safe, secure, reliable, small size, low power, and real-time responsive embedded ICT systems at competitive cost.

The development of new technologies in research projects, as it is happening in current EU projects, is important. But this is not all. It is also about creating and reinforcing ICT platforms which offer to the customer innovative services and products and provide new business opportunities to industry be it manufacturers, software and tool vendors, application developers, service providers or system integrators. The wider embedding of ICT in products and artifacts will have a major impact on uplifting

Europe‘s innovation capacity across the economy from traditional industrial and professional service sectors to emerging consumer sectors. The event is timely. At the end of this year, the Commission is planning to launch its first Work Programmes under Horizon 2020. CPS and its enablers are key topics under the ICT part of the Horizon 2020 pillar on Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies. The 1st call on CPS will make a bold step forward to support also innovation activities in the field. In addition, the new JTI EXCEL being prepared now will continue the successful programme of ARTEMIS and call for research and innovation activities at higher Technology Readiness Levels.

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The event is organised by the European Commission –Directorate General CONNECT with the support of the ARTEMIS Joint Technology Initiative and Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum
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