The consumer’s role in achieving EU 2020 energy efficiency and environment targets has received little consideration to date. However ICT enabled innovative consumer services can rapidly and significantly contribute to reaching these targets. To engage consumers and generate contributions to the EU 2020 efficiency and environmental targets this report has been tasked to: 1. Provide a strategic framework for the novel use of existing consumer ICT capabilities. 2. Fill out the framework with a first set of innovative, simple to deploy and powerful initiatives. This report also: a) Shows how the initial set of initiatives will directly contribute to meeting EU 2020 targets b) Illustrates the implications for consumers, business and governments c) Shows how these initiatives can be implemented within existing legal frameworks and business models d) Shows how the initiatives can be implemented across the 27 EU member states e) Provides models for the enhanced use of existing consumer ICT technologies and services going forward The brief for the report asked for the opportunities to be identified on the basis of their technical practicality, rapid market applicability and capacity to support existing EU programs. The Consumer 2020 report also identifies new business opportunities using existing business models, technologies and consumer skills that will support significant consumer change up to and beyond 2020.

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