The conference is a great opportunity to get a clear picture of what Citizen Science is all about and what its recent trends are. Participants will be able to interact with key policy makers, project leaders as well as individuals from grassroots projects, who will present their visions and best practices.

The half-day event (morning and networking lunch) is organized by SOCIENTIZE, a coordination and support action funded by the European Commission aiming to map, analyse and coordinate the Citizen Science community in Europe and beyond.

During the conference, SOCIENTIZE will present the new White Paper on Citizen Science for Europe, a key document for European policy making which will be used as facilitator for the open debate.The White Paper includes a set of policy recommendations created collectively by hundreds of actors from the Citizen Science community  seeking to find new paths for enhanced research and social innovations that respond to the need of the paradigm shift in which we are engaged.

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