In the last years many outstanding AAL products, technologies and processes have been developed by excellent European research teams due to various research funding programmes but these projects usually focused only on technological development not on the daily usage of these technologies and on their embedding into a well working system. It has been detected that there is a huge market niche for specialized professionals who could work with and in the system of these new AAL developments. The Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme funded CompAAL project aims to develop qualification profiles for jobs in the field of AAL. AAL specialist skills are needed in many professions, in which the job requirements have changed under these fast-evolving technologies. New skills profiles have to be set-up for professionals from various backgrounds, for example architects building AAL compatible homes, staff of ambulatory home care, and most of all IT specialists in order to enable them to design AAL systems and interfaces, to manage interoperability, as well as to create, manage and moderate social networks.

One of the main results of CompAAL is the generation of five AAL Job Role Profiles which include the skills and competences that professionals in the field of AAL must possess. Profiles have been elaborated for the following five job roles:

  • AAL System Architect;
  • AAL Solutions and System Developer;
  • AAL Maintenance Specialist;
  • AAL Consultant;
  • AAL Community Manager.

Based on the qualification profiles training guidelines will be drafted which will made available to vocational education institutions and other education providers in order to set-up appropriate specialist qualifications for professionals involved with AAL topics.