DG CONNECT is taking the initiative to set up a pilot Community of Practice (CoP) that will gather all stakeholders interested in promoting, experiencing and improving the Principles for Better Self- and Co-regulation, whether EU-based or not, as well as experts interested in supporting the vision and bringing a contribution to this endeavour.

On 11 February 2013, the Commission services published the Principles for Better Self- and Co-regulation, as an outcome to the fifth action of the Commission's CSR strategy for 2011-2014.

This pilot Community of Practice will pursue the following objectives:

  • Promote experience and improve the Principles for Better Self- and Co-regulation.
  • Support capacity-building in the use of the Principles for Better Self- and Co-regulation.
  • Develop a culture of better self- and co-regulation.
To support these objectives, all stakeholders are invited to join the Community of Practice and visit the Agora to share information about relevant activities, enrich the evidence base, contribute with your comments on the documents, or launch debates in the open discussion space.

To reach its objective, it is critical for the pilot Community of Practice to be active and creative. With this in mind, a steering committee will be set up having a steering role in fostering better self- and co-regulation and renewing the public-private dialogue; making recommendations for issues to be discussed by the CoP, both online and in periodic meetings; and developping and delivering a strategy of widening the membership in their respective community and beyond. The members of this steering committee will be chosen from the members of the Community of Practice.

An inaugural meeting of the Community of Practice will take place in Brussels on December 10, 2013.