The European Commission has expressed serious doubts about a new proposal from the Dutch telecoms regulator (OPTA) regarding fixed and mobile termination rates which would negatively affect consumers in the Netherlands. Termination rates are the rates telecoms networks charge each other to deliver calls between networks, and each operator has market power over access to customers on its own network. These costs are ultimately included in call prices paid by consumers and businesses. In a previous filing in 2010, OPTA proposed to apply cost-oriented fixed and mobile termination rates, in line with the Commission's 2009 Recommendation under the EU telecoms legislation. Despite this, OPTA's decision was subsequently annulled in a national Tribunal ruling, which prescribed a different methodology that includes costs not directly related to call termination. Under OPTA's new proposal based on the national Tribunal's methodology, fixed and mobile termination rights would be twice as high as under the EU approach.