At this event the study: "The Changing Role of Intellectual Property in the Semiconductor Industry – including on non-practising entities" will be presented. This study was launched by the European Commission and examines the changes in IP strategies and patenting practises of the semiconductor industry due to recent developments related to the concentration/specialisation, the emergence of foundries and fabless and technological/economic developments in the sector.

 The study specifically focuses on the emergence of non-practising entities (NPE) and its potential impact in Europe in particular in view of the introduction of the European Patent.  The potential effects these developments have on the further development of the global semiconductor sector in general and in European clusters in particular are studied as well.

The study is executed by a consortium of TNO for Applied Research in co-operation with CWTS and is based on desk research, in-depth interviews and a questionnaire which was send to more than 600 stakeholders in the field.

On the 14th experts will validate the findings of the study and formulate a set of policy recommendations for the Commission to consider. The results and the conclusions of the meeting will be published and will be considered in policy making to reinforce the semiconductor sector in Europe.