Challenge 5 builds on the previous research activities on health, ageing, inclusion, and governance. It aims to support innovation and activities closer to the market like pre-commercial procurement actions and platforms supporting social innovation. The focus will be on development of solutions that empower the individual, in a social context, to improve and manage personal life as a citizen, elderly, patient, consumer, civil servant or worker. The "ICT for Health activities" will address the "health management" continuum from lifestyle to disease management and the research in the computational modelling of human patho-physiology. The "ICT for Ageing and Independent Living" activities will focus on empowering people with age related dependencies or disabilities to live independently. "ICT for smart and personalised inclusion", will focus on the development of accessible solutions for personalised interfaces to smart environments and innovative services. Research in "ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling" will address collaborative governance supported by ICT tools empowering citizen and increasing transparency in decision making. A new activity will support collaborative, collective awareness ICT platforms for grassroots social innovation towards a more sustainable future.