8000+ participants, 4000 tents, This is Campus Party, Brazil style

Here are some impressions from Campus Party Brazil 2014, in Sao Paulo (27 January - 2 February 2014).


4000 people spent the nights in tents.


Having reported on previous Campus Parties (e.g. Berlin 2012), BBC celebrity Leo Johnson is on the main stage, presenting his ideas about sustainable finance and smart cities with emotion.


About 250 startups present their products. Here: Carlos Wanderlan (CTO) and Hugo, from Hand Talk, a startup that offers interpretation in hand signs. Did you know that sign languages are just like other languages and they have their own syntax and semantics? That there are over 200 sign languages in the world today? And that even countries that have the same oral language, can have different sign languages?


Try to do as the example, and just dance.


The things you find in clouds....


Gaming is big, the best gamers are celebrities, and everybody loves flame-throwing robots.


Long days, long nights...


With some special characters...


With temperatures over 35 degrees, a quadcopter gives a cool, refreshing breeze.