The call in Horizon 2020 under LEIT- ICT 24 Robotics is now open. Submission deadline is 14/04/2015. New addition: Pre-commercial procurement explained!

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Scope of the call:

  • ICT-24 Robotics: Advance key technologies relevant for industrial and service robotics (a)

Priority domains: healthcare, consumer, transport.

  • ICT-24 Robotics: Technology transfer - Industry-academia cross-fertilisation (b)

Priority application areas: Professional and service robotics in areas such as manufacturing, commercial, civil, agriculture, healthcare, consumer or transport.

  • ICT-24 Robotics: Technology transfer - Robotics use cases (c)

Testing and validating promising and innovative robotics solutions in industrial and service sectors.

  • ICT-24 Robotics: Pre-commercial procurement in robotics (d)

Priority domain: Areas of public interest, including healthcare.

  • ICT-24 Robotics: Community building and Robotic competitions (e)

Community building and Robotic competitions.



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