The European Commission will soon launch a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of 60 000 EUR. The purpose of this call for tenders is to conduct a Benchmarking study on the state of play of eGovernment provision and usage across EU countries by using data previously collected (eGovernment Benchmark Report).

Interested economic operators can express their interest to participate in the call for tender until 17th September 2014 in writing to

Context: The eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 translates the strategic priorities for eGovernment agreed in The Malmo Ministerial Declaration of 18 November 2009 into concrete policy actions aiming at maximising complementarity between national and European policy instruments. By request of the European Council, the European Commission, in collaboration with the Member States, adapted the then existing benchmarking framework to take into account the priorities of the eGovernment Action Plan. This led to a major revision of the eGovernment Benchmarking Framework, which resulted, in September 2012, in the "eGovernment Benchmark Framework 2012-2015 Method Paper". The eGovernment Benchmark Reports will be used for the monitoring of the implementation of the eGovernment Action Plan as well as for the European Semester process.

The objective of the study is to produce an eGovernment Benchmarking Report which analyses the state of play of eGovernment provision across EU countries by using data collected under Specific Contract No 30-CE-0654552/00-14 (SMART 2014/0042) and made available by the EC and previous data collections (2012-2013) for the eGovernment Benchmark exercise already publicly available. Data will be available in both raw data and in form of indicators.

The study should derive relevant conclusions and implications from the evidence gathered for each country, forming a coherent narrative that describes the state and evolution of each life-event and eGovernment service analysed. The conclusions should be framed in the context of the EU's political priorities. The report should have a balanced approach between the performance assessment aspect and the learning aspect, for the latter including also some description of best practices. Moreover, the report should contain also detailed country fiches.

The pre-selection criteria applied for this call are:

  • Proven knowledge of the context as outlined above
  • Relevant experience in the field of eGovernment studies
  • Proven capabilities in economic and/or statistical analysis

The following evidence must be provided in respect of each of the selection criteria identified above and included in the email expressing the interest of the economic operator to participate in the call for tender.


  • List of relevant publications in the field of eGovernment studies
  • List of contracts or relevant services in the field of eGovernment studies performed in the past three years or currently being performed
  • CVs of team members who will provide the service for this tender

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