The fourth and last call for proposals under FP7 has been recently launched and will close on December 4th 2012. It has a funding budget of €40 million for two research target outcomes (39 million) and one Coordination and Support Action (1 million). Research projects (STREPs and IPs) may address one or both R&D topics, i.e. “Advanced System Architecture” and “Comprehensive Energy Management”. The Coordination Action is expected to focus on SME activities and international cooperation. All details concerning the rules of participation, the target outcomes and the expected impact of this and the simultaneous coordinated calls of the EGCI are available through the FP7 Participants’ Portal on Cordis. The ICT Proposers’ Day 2012 is an opportunity for stakeholders to network, present ideas for proposals and establish consortia. The high success rate of the previous calls of 40-50% is expected to be a strong incentive for participation. Call identifier: FP7-2013-ICT-GC