The IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience will devote a special section to presenting recent advances on the GRID infrastructure, web services, software agents and ontology for Life Science applications. Recent progress in bioinformatics and biomedicine has made it essential to devise technological platforms able to ensure appropriate support to research activities performed in the area of Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics. The potential of new data mining tools and GRID technology will be particularly useful to deal with the increasing amount, complexity, and heterogeneity of biological and biomedical data. High quality, innovative research papers reporting infrastructure, methods or tools in this area will be selected. Examples of biological and biomedical application areas include, but are not limited to, the following: GRID based application in life science; Web services for data access and analysis tools; Workflow application for complex analysis processes; Distributed and Agents based applications; ICT technologies for biomedical applications; High Throughput for in-silico virtual screening; Distributed applications for Gene and protein sequence analysis; HPC techniques applications at cell/gene/molecular levels. Manuscript submission deadline: November 15, 2006 (feedback to authors by December 10, 2006). Deadline for submitting final versions of manuscripts: December 20, 2006. Tentative publication date: March 2007. Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the IEEE transactions format (using the IEEE word or latex style files), 6 pages maximum. The pdf file of the manuscript should be emailed to Dr. Luciano Milanesi and copy to