Currently the mobile technologies in general as well as sensors and other devices enable collecting and communicating a vast amount of data of individuals. This multi-parametric data may include physiological measurements, genetic data, medical images, laboratory examinations, and other measurements related to a person's activity, lifestyle, and surrounding environment. There will be increased demand on processing and interpreting such data for accurate alerting and signalling of risks and for supporting healthcare professionals in their decision making, informing family members, and the person himself/herself. With these facts in mind we can distinguish three large groups of applications and levels of systems. The first group contains systems we call recommendation and suggestion systems, which are systems we can find, for example, in the area of well-being and fitness, and which serve mainly for informing the clients about their health status. The second group -decision support systems- should serve as guidance for professionals and experienced users, like activy athletes. The third group -decision making systems- are systems that are directly linked with actuator part influencing patient health. Deadline for contributions is 20 December 2012.