The Radio Spectrum Policy Unit is launching a call for input on the Fundamental review of the 24 GHz Decision for short-range radar applications (SRR). Automotive short-range radar systems (SRR) have been identified by the EU policy initiative eSafety as a significant technology for the improvement of road safety in Europe. To achieve this, sufficient radio spectrum resources are crucial. The EU harmonisation measures already in place made different frequency bands available – foreseeing a complete review of the situation in 2009. The current call for input will pave the way to a more efficient assignment and use of frequencies for SRR systems. The long term goal is to have short range radar systems available in a harmonised way on 1 July 2013. This will have a positive impact both on road safety and the economic situation in the car industry, boosting sales for innovative security systems. Input to the call for input is welcomed until 2 February 2009