This free workshop will present results of current EU app economy study along with winning ideas for future innovation. Event will give hands-on tutorials and talks on the day to help app companies to grow their businesses.

Leaders from the app development community in Europe will gather in Berlin on 13 November to discuss the current state of the EU app economy, along with innovative ideas for the future. The event will feature talks and tutorials by CEOs and co-founders from a variety of successful app companies.

The Eurapp study, launched by the European Commission as part of its Startup Europe’s initiative and being carried out by Gigaom Research and the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway, is currently surveying startups and larger IT companies to model and profile the EU app economy. App startups are being encouraged to make their voices known by completing the survey and reflecting their opinions on the EU app economy. Interim results of these surveys will be presented at the workshop in Berlin.

The workshop will also guide attendees on strategies to ensure success, with tutorials and talks from marketing / app engine optimisation specialists, cross-platform developers and company founders. Presenters include the CEO of Mubaloo, one of Europe’s largest app development agencies, and the co-founders of Xyo, Appency, Glimworm, MobileGroove Media, Suite 48 Analytics, Xyglo, along with technology leads from VisionMobile and Jimdo.

Also as part of the Eurapp project, two innovation challenges recently solicited proposals to address issues with funding and market conditions in the EU app economy, following interviews and a workshop which identified these as the two major bottlenecks. Out of almost a hundred innovative ideas, a shortlist of 10 proposals have been invited to present at the workshop, from which six winners will be announced at the workshop.

Some of the proposals include: matchmaking app developers with sponsors in a format similar to movie patronage events; a reality TV show where apps are judged in a popular talent competition format; a European app centre; bootcamp training programmes and app research hubs in targeted cities; a coaching academy for app startups with attractive investment terms; new online services and incubators for team formation of co-founders and advisors with complementary skills; an app entrepreneurs-in-residence scheme; multi-channel app promotion through conferences, online media and contests; and an app request-for-quotations service.