Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger wants to hear your views, ideas, suggestions on copyright.

Commissioner Oettinger will hold a twitter chat on Copyright.

You can already start tweeting questions and ideas. Just don't forget to add the right hashtag - #AskOettinger.

Why does Europe need a copyright reform? When will the Commission present first concrete proposals? Just ask,  Commissioner Günther Oettinger will reply live and in public. He wants to give the floor to you and hear your questions, proposals and remarks. Here are the details.


Thursday 26th Feb 2015 from 15:30 to 16:30 - #AskOettinger, Facebook event

The chat with Commissioner Oettinger will focus on copyright reform. He having a series of discussions with groups including libraries, publishers, authors, consumer associations and now he wants to know your views. If you're an artist or if you like to watch movies, read books or listen to music, now is the time to make your voice heard . Mr Oettinger is looking forward to answering as many tweets as possible.

You can start sending your questions already now. The Commissioners will answer directly during the Twitter chats. Make sure you use the right hashtag #AskOettinger for the chat on Feb 26th. 

Now it's time to get ready, book the dates & prepare your questions in order to directly talk with the Commissioners. @DigitalAgendaEU will be live reporting from the room & sharing pictures to transmit the Twitter chat atmosphere on your screen.