On 6 November 2014 the Commission organised in Brussels the 3rd Workshop on advertising of foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS foods) to children.

This Workshop was a follow-up to two workshops organised by the Commission in December 2009 and October 2010. The objective of these workshops is to facilitate the exchange of views and best practices between the various stakeholders. This year the focus was placed on the effectiveness of the existing rules and codes of conduct, in particular on their enforcement.

The workshop was organised in the context of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) that places an obligation on the Commission to encourage media service providers - whether offering  traditional or on-demand services - to develop codes of conduct relating to audiovisual commercial communications for HFSS food to children, in line with Article 9(2) AVMSD.

The agenda of the meeting is available here.

The event was open to all the interested parties.

 Recording of the meeting is available  via this link.  Interpretation from and into DE/EN/ES/FR/IT.



State of play of ongoing actions in the field of advertising of HFSS foods to children

Use and implementation of advertising codes: food advertising to children - EASA
- Oliver Gray, Director General, EASA

Use and implementation of advertising codes: food advertising to children - WFA
- Abtin Kronold, Public Affairs Manager, WFA

Panel 1: Effectiveness of statutory rules and co-regulatory schemes

The development of restrictions on advertising for HFSS products – the UK experience
- Anthony Szynkaruk, Head of Commercial Policy and Enforcement, OFCOM

The French Charter on Nutrition and Physical Activity
- Christine Kelly, Member of the Board CSA, France

BAI Children's Commercial Communications Code
Stephanie Comey, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Polish experience as regards rules on advertising of HFSS foods to children
- Barbara Turowska, Head of Monitoring Department, Polish Broadcasting Council (KRRiT)

Panel 2: Enforcement of self-regulatory initiatives

Spanish Self-Regulation Code for Food Advertising Aimed at Children (PAOS)
- Charo Fernando Magarzo, Deputy Director General, Autocontrol

Dutch Code of Conduct on Advertising of Food Products to Children
- Prisca Ancion-Kors, Director of Dutch Advertising Code

Polish self-regulation in the area of food advertising to children
- Konrad Drozdowski, Director General of the Advertising Council

Consumers' perspective on the effectiveness of codes of conduct in the area of food advertising to children
- Ilaria Passarani, Head of Food and Health Department, BEUC

Codes of conduct and other actions by media service providers

- Ross Biggam, Director General– ACT

- Renate Dörr, the European Office of ZDF

Overview of activities by broadcasters and their sales houses

- Conor Murray, Regulatory and Public Affairs Director, EGTA


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