The Cluster “4th Generation Electrical Vehicle (EV)” is organising an event which aims to synchronize on and conjointly promote research and development (R&D) on the electric vehicle. Increased synergies, deepened impact, high visibility are the driving forces behind the cluster “4th Generation EV” and the events it is promoting.

This event will gather five EU funded projects iCOMPOSE, IMPROVE, INCOBAT, eDAS and Batteries2020.

The event will include in addition a contribution from the recently successfully completed OpenER project.

The cluster was set up in late 2013 by the projects INCOBAT, iCOMPOSE and eDAS. It aims to synchronize on and conjointly promote the R&D topics for energy and safety management in electric vehicles .
With the accession of Batteries2020 and last of IMPROVE, the cluster grew to a total of five FP7 projects, enlarging its networks and range of influence on the European electric vehicle community. Including more than 40 partners from 12 countries all over Europe, including 7 OEMs, with an overall budget of more than 36 million Euros, the impact of the cluster on the next generation of electric vehicles keeps on growing.

The “4th Generation EV” cluster is organized around the three working groups:

  • Comprehensive energy management
  • Performance potential of vehicle electrification
  • Central computing platform

For more details check the agenda and the registration details provided by the organisers.