During the summit there will be opportunities to hear talks from leading figures in citizen science, participate in hands-on workshops and learn about the latest technological developments. In addition to formal talks, there will be informal networking opportunities as well as the chance for you to shape the agenda by hosting a talk or workshop on a topic of your choosing.

Scheduled talks include the following:

Lessons From A Year of Citizen Science
Scientist and adventurer James Borell shares his insights following a year championing conservation projects powered by an army of volunteers.

Citizen Science with the Zooniverse
Dr Robert Simpson, Communications Lead for the Zooniverse, discusses the platform which more than 900,000 volunteers are signed up to.

Crowdcrafting: An Open Source Platform for Citizen Science Projects
A presentation of the platform behind a powerful citizen science tool.

Mozilla Science Lab
An introduction to the initiative to help researchers around the world use the open web to shape science’s future.

Quantum Moves: Testing Player Efficiency in Solving Quantum Research Challenges
How an online game is helping to solve real quantum physical research problems.

ESRI mobile apps for supporting citizen science
An overview of the initiatives ESRI has in place to help support joint working between citizen scientists and traditional enterprise GIS.

Experiences from the Geo-Wiki Project
Approaches to stimulating participation and data capture.

Citizen Science - What's Policy Got to Do With It?  
A discussion of the ideas surrounding the policies, or lack thereof, for implementing or collaborating with citizen science projects.

Publishing citizen science – more than just an afterthought
A panel session exploring how publishers can adapt their practices to work with citizen scientists in making their results accessible.

Opening New Doors: Unexpected Learning in Citizen Science
How to design a web-based citizen science project with the volunteer in mind.

How the Natural History Museum is combining citizens, science and education
An insight into the NHMs ‘V Factor Initiative’ which aims to encourage participation ‘from visitor to volunteer’.

DIY Biology - the Public Biobrick and Darwin Toolbox
An overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with DIY biology projects and an introduction to the ‘Darwin Toolbox’.

Beyond open data: using citizen science data for academic research and public engagement
How a software package developed by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) will increase the use of open data by academics.

Cyberscience Summit 2014