This workshop aims to bring together policy and main research stakeholders from Europe and China specialised on the Internet of Things and the Future Internet topics and to create feasible research collaboration
in order to set  up concrete projects.
The workshop results will be used to produce the “EU‐China Cooperation Plan” presenting the potential for collaboration in ICT research between Europe and China, including a set of recommendations to policy makers on how to better foster
collaboration in the future. The workshop will include a plenary session to give an overview of the status and perspectives of ICT research collaboration between Europe and China and parallel thematic sessions during which working groups
will discuss subthemes and identify possible cooperation projects.
The Workshop is organised during the iThings 2013 International Conference on Internet of Things held from 20-23 August.

OpenChina-‐ICT project under the aegis of the European Commission and supported by MOST and MIIT