The second COFET conference, which was held in Pisa in January 2014, brought together many people with an interest in outreach and citizen engagement, helping to shape the way that FET projects address this challenging area.
A lively discussion was held on how outreach can add value to both the FET programme and FET projects, on innovative approaches to outreach, and on how Coordination and support actions can support outreach activities.
The report includes many of the exciting ideas and practical tips that the participants put forward – take a look!

COFET organises three conferences which will address three different topics, with this report presenting the outcomes and discussions from the second Conference held in Pisa, Italy on the 30th and 31st January 2014, and which was focused on all aspects of outreach and stakeholder engagement.

The objective was to move FET projects, and potentially the FET Programme, beyond the traditional view of dissemination and towards a more holistic value driven view encompassing outreach, engagement and citizen science.

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