Only 3 months after its launch the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) published its first Call for proposals. With € 100 million public funding from the European Commission and the participating Member States and at least a € 100 million contribution from industry and research organisations the Call should generate an activity of more than € 200 million. The ARTEMIS JU, a Europe-wide public-private research partnership, addresses embedded computer systems that – while running almost unnoticed by users – improve the performance of all kinds of machines: from cars, planes and phones, to factories, washing machines and televisions.

"The Call for proposals launched today is a big success for European research", said Kostas Glinos, interim Executive Director of the ARTEMIS JU. "It is the result of a close and unique collaboration between industry and public authorities. By pooling resources from Member States and the Commission and by engaging industry in the process this new initiative will set new standards for managing industrial research programmes in Europe."

98 % of computing devices are embedded in all kinds of electronic equipment and machines. Computers are now present in everyday devices like mobile phones, credit cards, cars and planes or places like homes, offices and factories. Over 4 billion embedded processors were sold last year and the global market is worth € 60 billion with annual growth rates of 14 %. Forecasts predict more than 16 billion embedded devices by 2010 and over 40 billion by 2020. These are the facts that underline the importance of the ARTEMIS initiative and the potential impact the results can have on European competitiveness.

The first call for proposals is open to all relevant participants. Proposals should be collaborative with at least 3 independent participants from 3 ARTEMIS Member States. Proposals should be focused on industrial research and technology development in an application context.

More information on the ARTEMIS JU and the first Call:

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