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Roberto VIOLA
Our plan to help European industry, researchers and public authorities to make the best of the digital transformation has been published. Lowri Evans and Roberto Viola share some thoughts on what this could mean for Europe's future.
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Net Futures 2016 (20 & 21 April in Brussels) will explore the role of Future Internet in creating an innovative Digital Single Market with a particular focus on the impact of the next generation Internet technologies on Digital Economy
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The year starts off in Brussels with a packed agenda of events, meetings and debates on Internet governance.
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FIWARE: new partnerships with European Data Portal, TM Forum and The Things Network
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Nikolaos ISARIS
"Citadel on the Move" offers an online platform which allows citizens to use Open Data provided by their cities to develop mobile applications
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FELIX, a collaborative FIRE project of EU and Japanese researchers from academia and industry, has successfully launched initiatives to strengthen international research cooperation and standardisation in the field of software defined networking.
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Georges LOBO
FORGE helps students turn into active researchers by enabling them to run experiments on real-life research infrastructure
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Network technologies at the core of the digital economy and society: the EU vision on 5G in the realisation of the digital single market and the preparation for large scale testing of the internet of things.
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Find out who won the world’s first interactive mixed reality downhill ski competition using technology pioneered by European researchers.
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We created an IoT platform to make it easy for a developer to design and deploy his IoT application.
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FIWARE at Smart City Expo World: the public open source and free Smart City Platform takes off!
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Pedro MALÓ
Audio and acoustic technologies are a niche area of European research and innovation breakthroughs. Can we now tackle acoustic sensing and intelligent acoustics and reach more innovation, jobs and growth for Europe?
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