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National Coalitions

National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs are partnerships between digital skills actors in Member States who work together to improve digital skills at national, regional or local level.

National Coalitions

National Coalitions bring together ICT and ICT-using companies, education and training providers, education and employment ministries, public and private employment services, associations, non-profit organisations and social partners, who develop concrete measures to bring digital skills to all levels of society.

They collaborate in areas such as increasing industry-led training, certifying skills, improving school and university curricula, and raising awareness about ICT careers, especially among young people and women.

Active National Coalitions

There are currently 15 active National Coalitions and several are expected to be launched in 2017.

Join an existing National Coalition

We invite you to contact your National Coalition to support their effort in your country. For doing so you can either get in touch with them directly, or contact the Secretariat, who will liaise with the relevant coordinating body at the national level.

Start a new National Coalition

If there is no National Coalition in your country you can contact the Secretariat and discuss how to start a one. The Secretariat can give advice on how to build a successful Coalition and help you get started.

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Claire Bury's picture
Claire BURY
On 1 December 2016, we launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as one of the ten initiatives in the New Skills Agenda. The Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-for profit organisations and education providers who pledge to take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.
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We are living in a digital age. It’s time to take a stand and invest in ICT skills!
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Claire BURY
On Tuesday 18 October, the Generation code: Born at the library exhibition opened in the European Parliament.
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Roberto VIOLA
Our plan to help European industry, researchers and public authorities to make the best of the digital transformation has been published. Lowri Evans and Roberto Viola share some thoughts on what this could mean for Europe's future.
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