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National Coalitions

National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs are multi-stakeholder partnerships developed in Member States to enhance digital skills at national, regional or local level.

National Coalitions

National coalitions are a reflection of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition at a Member State level. They are composed of several relevant national stakeholders, which can be ICT and ICT-using companies, education and training providers, education and employment Ministries, public and private employment services, associations, NGOs and social partners.

National Coalitions mobilise constituencies and stakeholders to collaborate in areas such as increasing industry-led training, certifying skills, improving school and university curricula, and raising awareness about ICT careers, especially among young people and women.

Current National Coalitions

National Coalitions have already been launched in 15 Member States:

Several other Coalitions are under formation and are expected to be launched.

Cooperate with existing National Coalitions

We invite you to contact the National Coalitions to support their effort at the country level. For doing so you can either get in touch with them directly, or contact the Secretariat, who will liaise with the relevant coordinating body at the national level.

Other initiatives for digital skills and jobs

There are several other multi-stakeholder partnerships which respond to the Coalitions goals and expectations with local adapted solutions. Here are some: 


If you are willing to cooperate with any of these initiatives you can contact the Secretariat, who will liaise with the relevant coordinating body at the local level.

Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions

The Commission and the Coalition's Secretariat are very keen to help develop and strengthen National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs across Europe because they are the right vehicles to stimulate concrete and targeted action on the ground. For that purpose and on the basis of extensive experience, a toolkit for National and Local Coalitions has been developed to provide stakeholders with a clear set of guidelines and recommendations on how to start and implement successfully coalitions in their country of interest. The Toolkit is a useful guide that aims to help stakeholders to set up multi-stakeholder partnerships in their countries and develop an action plan that will help to bridge the gap between those seeking jobs in the ICT sector and industry needs.

For more information please contact the Secretariat of the Coalition.

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