Khalil Rouhana is the director for "Digital Industry" in DG CONNECT. The mission of the Directorate is to strengthen the competitiveness and to ensure that any industry in any sector in Europe can make the best use of digital innovations to compete on a global scale, grow and create jobs.

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Khalil Rouhana is responsible for Directorate A, Digital Industry. The directorate coordinates of the European digitisation of industry strategy.

In his previous experiences in the Commission, he was the Director for "Digital content & Cognitive systems", the Head of Unit in charge of ICT research and Innovation strategy, and started as a project officer in the ESPRIT programme in the areas of High Performance Computing and Future and Emerging technologies.

Before joining the Commission in 1992, he was for 5 years the director of an institute and school of engineering (Grande Ecole) in France.  He started his career as research and development engineer for the aeronautics industry, worked for the French University in Beirut and created also his own engineering company. He has a master degree in electrical and electronic engineering from "Ecole Sup√©rieure d'Electricit√©" (Supelec, France).