A few priorities form the main work strands of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs builds on concrete actions aimed at local impact, from training in ICT to certification and raising awareness.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs delivers concrete actions, which can be implemented in the short-term and have high local impact. It builds on on-going programmes and best practices that could be scaled-up. The following are some of the priorities of the actions:

  • Training and matching for digital jobs – to offer training packages co-designed with the ICT industry so that the skills people get are the skills business needs;
  • Certification - to improve recognition of qualifications across countries by stimulating take-up of the European e-Competence Framework;
  • Innovative learning and teaching – to offer more aligned degrees and curricula at vocational and university level education so that students get the skills for success;
  • Mobility – to help those with the right skills get to the place where they are needed, to avoid shortages and surpluses in different geographical areas
  • Awareness raising – to attract young people to ICT, which offers rewarding and enjoyable careers to both women and men;
  • Coding - to raise awareness on the importance of coding skills (European Coding Initiative)

The Grand Coalition helps to accelerate and intensify efforts initiated by European policies, such as the Europe 2020 strategy, the e-Skills Strategy, the Employment Package, the Opening up Education Initiative, the Rethinking Education Strategy, the Youth Opportunities Initiative, and the EU Skills Panorama.

It also aims to stimulate digital entrepreneurship by liaising with Startup Europe, a single platform for tools and programmes supporting people wanting to set up and grow web start-ups in Europe.