Jaspar Roos has been a pioneer in wearable financial technology, time banking and crowdfunding. He is one of the most funny speakers attending the Open Innovation 2.0 conference.
Jasper Roos

Jaspar has been the Chief Inspiration Officer for ABN AMRO Bank for many years. Managing the innovation and venturing lab Dialogues Incubator, Jaspar has been one of the pioneers in themes as wearable financial technology, time banking and crowdfunding. After his corporate career, he is now entrepreneur, writer, altruistic inspirator and especially human. He has various hobbies, like ‘disruption’ columnist of the Dutch Financial Times, researcher of topics like copycatting, advisory board member of a hospital incubator to part of the OISP group for European Commission. He is also the chair of the Foresights & Trends conference in Los Angeles, the largest trend conference of its kind. His main outlets are FUTURE IDEAS, the Chief Humor Officer movement, and the financial innovation database Ventur.es. He is also partner at XLVentures, an international incubator and accelerator with stakes in many different initiatives, from impact startups to new innovation tooling. For 2014, he is one of the people to watch according to the Financial Times.

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