István Erényi is the Digital Champion of Hungary. He works to open up education and close skills gaps.


istvan.erenyi [at] nfm [dot] gov [dot] hu

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István Erényi is Senior Counsellor at the Ministry of National Development in Hungary. He has concentrated his efforts on two specific issues:

"The first is the shortage of ICT skills and the need for a better designed education system. To address the problem of poor ICT skills at school, my idea is to create synergies and to build bridges between the different levels of education - elementary, secondary, high school and universities. Then, I would like to promote educational projects in cooperation with industry, SMEs and other companies in order to integrate theoretical and practical approaches."

Mr Erényi is also working towards establishing something similar to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs in Hungary. He wants to find a synergy between the different levels of the education system with the aim of providing the market with the necessary ICT professionals in the coming years.

"Hungary proved to be a good environment for new businesses, as we have many young and innovative ICT professionals. However, often these companies find it difficult to grow and expand internationally. That is why we have launched a programme in which the government would focus not only on regulatory and policy making matters, but also on how to help Hungarian start-ups to make their business more successful at home and abroad", he says.

Istvan Ereny on his priorities