David Puttnam is the Digital Champion of Ireland. His priorities want to put digital first in all aspects of policy, business and education.

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David Puttnam is the Chairman of Atticus Education, an online education company based in Ireland. Atticus, through a unique arrangement with BT Ireland, delivers interactive seminars on film and a variety of other subjects to educational institutions around the world.  David spent thirty years as an independent producer of award-winning films. He retired from film production in 1998 to focus on his work in public policy as it relates to education, the environment, and the 'creative and communications' industries.

He says: "Ireland has been at the forefront in a number of areas of digital adoption…for example in teachers engagement with online resources. There is however considerable untapped potential in the digital area…thinking ‘digital’ in all aspects of policy, business, and daily citizen activity, presents huge opportunities, not just for efficiency and effectiveness, but to help unlock the extraordinary creative potential that exists in this, my adopted country.”

In September 2013 David Puttnam wrote as guest on Neelie Kroes' blog on the expectations of young people: "What are we going to do, with what we can do?"

David Puttnam on digital

David Puttnam on his priorities as a Digital Champion.

Lord Puttnam on Connected Inclusive and Creative: Towards Ireland's Digital Future (at IIEA Dublin, April 2013)