Photonics are growing in importance in Europe, that is the reason behind the establishment of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) under Horizon 2020.

Photonics are of paramount importance for Europe. Hence, a Public Private Partnership (PPP) is expected to be set up under Horizon 2020 to enhance the sector. The PPP main objectives will be to maintain and increase Europe's industrial leadership in photonics, by fostering photonics manufacturing,  and accelerating Europe’s innovation process.

This will in turn lower the timing to market the products, allowing for an overall benefit in terms of jobs creation and growth in Europe. In particular, the aim is to stimulate investment into the private sector research, development and innovation, to promote research and innovation with a business driven agenda and to accelerate the development of photonic technologies, which will eventually underpin future businesses and economic growth.

The PPP will address the whole research and innovation value chain (from advanced materials -through equipment and devices-, to manufacturing and to products and services; from advanced RTD to pilot lines and markets). It will focus on market sectors where the European photonics industry is particularly strong, like lighting, medical photonics and optical components & systems.

At the European level, other forms of cooperation projects exist already. Photonics Regional Clusters, national technology platforms and the European Technology Platform Photonics21 are some successful examples.

To find out more about photonics news and activities, please visit the EU Photonics Unit  website and European Technology Platform Photonics21.

For further information, contact us or follow @Photonics21.

9 April 2014
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9 May 2017
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