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For a socially responsible European ICT sector

Join in the discussion on how the European ICT sector can become more socially and environmentally responsible.

The European Commission Communication A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility calls for enterprises to take responsibility for their impact on society. It highlights the importance of responsible behaviour both for society at large and for the competitiveness of the enterprise itself.

But how does CSR work in practice? How can companies adapt their way of working to become more responsible?

Through on-line debate, stakeholder meetings and publications, ICT4Society brings together ideas, experiences and recommendations to help enterprises in the ICT sector understand the benefits of CSR and to support them in taking concrete steps towards an improved business model.

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The platform is open to all. We hope particularly to interest ICT companies & organisations, civil society organisations, public sector, consumer organisations, trades unions and academia. We also hope to feed into current activities such as safer internet, better internet for kids, digital literacy, accessibility, inclusion and sustainability.

We hope that this platform can achieve a number of objectives.

  • Give greater visibility and greater recognition for steps taken by enterprises in the ICT sector to assume their social responsibility;
  • Develop a clearer vision of best practice in the deployment and accountability of such activities;
  • Encourage all enterprises to consider such initiatives in cooperation with their stakeholders;
  • Provide an opportunity for enterprises and other stakeholders to discuss the challenges to which ICT can help respond;
  • Facilitate sector-wide cooperation to address challenges, and of monitoring tools to evaluate progress;
  • Act as a hub for CSR-related dialogue, gathering different strands of ongoing discussions across the remit of the Digital Single Market.

The platform will refer to the work of the Community of Practice for Better Self- and Co-regulation, addressing Action 5 Communication on corporate social responsibility: "Develop a code of good practice for self- and co-regulation exercises".

From March 2014 to February 2016, the ICT4Society platform is run by the Responsible ICT Network. Visit the R-ICT website to find out more.

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