Each year, one in three people over 65 has a serious fall, mostly in their home.

Often their quality of life is severely diminished: loss of mobility, severe dependency and physical disability. The cost of falls is high and will continue to rise as long as no good fall and fall prevention strategies are in place. And yet: falls are the most preventable cause of people going to nursing homes, and ICT definitely can provide solutions.

EU funded projects for the prevention of falls

Access the details of EU-funded projects developping ICT solutions for fall prevention. You can also read the proceedings of the concertation meeting on EU-funded ICT projects on fall prevention of 2 April 2012.



Beyond the pilot: fall prevention in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

Under the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing a specific action is devoted to falling. The aim is to launch fall prevention programmes in at least 10 Members states and 15 European regions by 2015, including 'lessons learned' and plans for wider implementation.

The Action Plan "Personalized health management, starting with a Falls Prevention Initiative" involves 30 consortia representing over 150 partners from all accross the EU: regional authorities and administrations, delivery organisations, health/care provider organisations, academic institutions, industry and organisations representing users and patients.

The Action Group has been formed to overcome the present fragmentation in health and social care for falls, by mobilising all stakeholders and integrating fall prevention and management programmes. The Action group will:

  • develop an integrated and person-centred pathway, enhanced by ICTs
  • create a toolkit and training packages to replicate successful implementation of falls prevention and management across Europe,
  • develop awareness campaigns on falls and their prevention.
6 June 2013
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11 May 2017
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