eSkills Malta Foundation is a multi-stakeholder partnership between the industry, the education authorities and Government committed to improve the variety, quality and quantity of ICT competences for economic growth.

The eSkills Malta Foundation was launched in February 2014 and has been recognized as a National Coalition for Digital Jobs. It covers the following terms of reference:

  1. Advise Government and stakeholders on policy matters regarding skills related to ICT
  2. Instigate further reform in the ICT educational offerings and contribute to capacity-building in the ICT education community.
  3. Contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes and related formative initiative
  4. Lead an ICT professionalism development programme.
  5. Champion campaigns and promote the Maltese eSkills potential locally and internationally.

A holistic action plan reflecting the diverse contributing actions by the members of the Foundation is being compiled and will be presented within the next weeks.



The core operational costs of the eSkills Malta Foundation are currently provided by National Government Funds.  Project based funding is then sought by the participating entities, or by Government, or by EU co-financed projects.

5 May 2014
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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