Intel's "Training Initiative for Employment and Entrepreneurship" will provide online trainings to increase the employability of jobless people in Spain. Starting with 10000 trainees, the initiative aims to train 10% of the current unemployed population in Spain within four years.

Intel pledges to provide online trainings with the aim to increase employability and digital inclusion in light of the job opportunities in the digital or ‘new’ economy by means of a Training Initiative for Employment and Entrepreneurship. Digital skills are essential in almost any type of job today, not only for ICT professionals. Adding digital expertise to your skillset is an effective way to support people on the job market. Included in the training programme are ICT and business skills, as well as specific selected professional skills.

The Training Initiative for Employment and Entrepreneurship is an initiative brought to life by an open group of companies in Spain, led by Intel Corporation, which makes accessible the best digital training tools to increase the employability of unemployed people. Microsoft and HP are also active members; and participation remains open to any other contributor.

The initiative will help increase the employability of unemployed people. It follows a new methodology which aims to train approximately 10% of the current unemployed population in Spain within four years in public private partnerships using digital tools reaching out to an initial 10 000 unemployed people.

The methodology is flexible and results-driven and takes advantage of the opportunity provided by the digital economy to generate new jobs ensuring:

  • Efficiency - the ability to reach out to a large number of people with online training tools while lowering education and training costs.
  • Effectiveness - by having the capability to adjust to employment offer and demand while keeping a constant exchange of good practices with the use of public-private partnerships. Following the projects, a mechanism has been put in place to measure the results.
  • Innovation - by incentivising a successful outcome by providing the first digital working tool, also serving as a training tool, conditioned by the finalisation of the training.


2 June 2014
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15 May 2018
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