Double the engagement between business representatives and educational players, reaching at least 20,000 teachers by 2020, through its network of more than 5,000 businesses across Europe.

As part of the European Business Campaign on Skills for Jobs: Making Europe the best place for work launched in April 2013, CSR Europe will scale up the engagement between business representatives and educational players focusing in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and entrepreneurship skills, fostering 20,000 business-teachers collaboration.

CSR Europe aims at supporting the establishment of business-teachers collaboration, reaching out to at least 20,000 teachers across Europe. As such, it will:

  • Showcase existing best practices to encourage new initiatives across Europe: via an online Impact Map, CSR Europe aims at making existing business-teachers collaboration visible so as to and inspire new approaches. This Map can be used by corporate members, National Partner Organisations and their own members as well as partners.
  • Foster the dialogue at European level, by organising a policy seminar on STEM & Entrepreneurship: This should bring business, EU & education leaders together in relation to the EU coding week on October 16th 2014 in the framework of the European Code Week, to discuss the business role in shaping up the education agenda for the 21st century (including how to embed ICT use and media literacy in school curricula).
  • Encourage practical collaboration. As part of the “Deploy your Talents – Stepping up the STEM agenda for Europe” project of the Campaign, the following targets are set:
    • Build new relations between companies and schools by replicating “Déployons nos elles”, a proven model to tackle gender stereotypes related to STEM education and careers (developed by IMS in France) to other European countries.
    • Develop and roll-out a practical and business-oriented assessment tool (“STEM-π”) to improve the impact of STEM projects, including the ones that focus on digital literacy or ICT use in the classroom. The expected objective is to involve at least 10 companies in a pilot phase (2014); disseminate to a wider audience, including outside of CSR Europe’s membership (2015)
    • Establish a learning network on the impact of business-school engagements, implementing at least two company workshops/webinars in (2014-2015)
  • As part of the “Entrepreneurship for Job Creation”: encourage entrepreneurship and boost self-employment to provide an answer to the issue of rising unemployment in Europe (currently at 10%) and a lack of entrepreneurship compared to other developed economies.


  • The CSR Europe’s Campaign’s Steering Committee members, which supports the CSR Europe Secretariat in the development and roll-out of Campaign activities. Besides Randstad, three of them provide from the ICT and telecommunications sector, namely IBM, HP, Intel and Huawei. Other Steering Committee leaders include CSR Europe’s partner organisations from Turkey and Italy: CSR Turkey and Impronta Etica.
  • CSR Europe’s Campaign’s partners: As part of its Campaign on Skills for Jobs, CSR Europe has discussed collaboration opportunities with several organisations including Digital Europe, JA-YE, the European Youth Forum, EuropeanSchoolnet and the CEC. They are looking into forming a consortium of oranisations capable to have greater impact and scale-up existing initiatives at European level.
  • CSR Europe’s collaborative project leaders: As part of the European Business Campaign on Skills for Jobs, CSR Europe is driving a multi-stakeholder project on “Deploy your Talents – Stepping up the STEM Agenda in Europe”. This project is co-lead by Randstad, IBM, Intel, Huawei, GDF SUEZ and IMS Entreprendre pour la Cité (France), in partnership with EuropeanSchoolnet.

Overall, CSR Europe aims to create a movement around this objective, across its membership of 65 corporate members and 38 National Partner Organisations, thus reaching out to more than 5000 companies across Europe.

2 May 2014
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9 May 2017
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