Altran's pledge is manifold: one is organised to recruit 300 young graduate and to provide them with trainings. A second pledge is meant to launch an innovation competition once per year. Under the third pledge, theme competitions for young entrepreneurs will be organised at European level.

Altran's pledge s divided into three projects.

1. Altran "Campus Team" project

Altran “Campus Team” project will recruit 300 engineering and ICT graduates per year. It will also offer each of them training, including in specialized ICT areas, through the Altran Academy programmes.

The company will use its “Campus Team” programme across the EU to attract and meet young graduates. Altran will also promote mobility among the young graduates by offering career opportunities in other countries.

2. Altran "I-Project"

Altran will launch “I-project” – Innovation competition once per year.

Altran has launched the internal Innovation competition called the I-Project and as of next Season they will invite the innovation makers outside Altran to team up with one of the Altran’s employees and take part in the project. The company encourages young graduates to apply with their ideas and join the Altran Innovation family.

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3. Altran Foundation for Innovation

In 2015 Altran will organise a themed competition for young entrepreneurs from all over Europe. The 5 winners will receive know-how and six months of technical support in order to develop their start-ups.

8 May 2014
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9 May 2017
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