The Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) aims to advance Europe's competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and to support the emergence of Future Internet-enhanced applications of public and social relevance.

The Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) will make infrastructures and business processes smarter (i.e. more intelligent, more efficient, more sustainable) through tighter integration with Internet networking and computing capabilities.

The FI-PPP looks at different sectors such as transport, health, and energy. It defines possible innovative business models for these sectors.

The FI-PPP follows an industry-driven, user-oriented approach that combines R&D on network and communication technologies, devices, software, service and media technologies; and their experimentation and validation in real application contexts. It brings together the demand and supply sides, and it involves users early into the research lifecycle. The platform technologies will be used and validated by many actors, in particular by small- and medium-sized companies and public administrations.

Programme architecture

The FI-PPP is based on a three-phased approach with a number of tightly related Objectives.

Programme architecture graph

Implementation roadmap

The FI-PPP Programme is implemented via three phases:

  • Phase 1, 2011-12, budget 90 million euros
    • Laying the technology foundation
    • Defining "use case scenarios" in different industry sectors
    • Making an inventory of available (public) infrastructures via capacity building
    • Programme support
  • Phase 2, 2013-14, budget 80 million euros
    • Developing use case pilots and platforms
    • Setting up infrastructures
  • Phase 3, 2014-16, budget 130 million euros
    • Expansion of use cases by developing applications and services
    • Extending the technology foundation

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6 August 2014
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27 February 2015
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