Going Local Finland brought European Commission's representatives to Helsinki and Mariehamn to communicate on the Digital Single Market Strategy in the local context on 8 and 9 June 2015.

The Going Local events in Finland aimed at presenting and discussing one of the 10 political priorities of President Juncker namely the Digital Single Market (DSM) for Europe. Two events took place:

  • On 8 June in Helsinki, the European Commission representatives met a wide range of stakeholders, inter alia public administration, research institutes academia, consumers, creative industries, telco providers, ICT industries, SMEs and many other industries at the Commission Representation in Helsinki.
  • On 9 June in Mariehamn in √Öland as part of the meeting of Europe Direct Network in Finland and in Sweden.

The Going Local events aim at providing further insights on the DSM priorities and gathering a first feedback on the Finnish perspective on DSM. In particular, this year's going local mission to Finland generated discussions on the three pillars of the DSM initiative as presented in the Commission communication adopted on 6 May 2015: better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services across Europe; the creation of the right conditions and a level playing field for digital networks and innovative services to flourish; the maximisation of the growth potential of the digital economy.


6 May 2015
Last update: 
10 November 2015