• Wednesday, 4 October, 2017
    This conference will bring together experts in cybercrime and digital security, plus leaders in ICT and representatives from transport and railway companies. They will discuss the threats and set out a vision for safer, more secure digital communications and data networks in the transport industry.
  • Monday, 11 September, 2017 to Friday, 15 September, 2017
    The 14th annual congress of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) will feature many interesting health tech related topics and EU-funded projects on integrated care and mild cognitive impairment.
  • Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 to Thursday, 29 June, 2017
    The University of Valencia will host the next meeting of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – Action Group A3 on frailty. This meeting will be preceded by a meeting organised by the Commission agency CHAFEA, focusing on the 'Coordination for Health Programme projects and the joint action focusing on frailty of older persons'.
  • Wednesday, 6 September, 2017 to Friday, 8 September, 2017
    What are the elements required in the transition to open access? How do we change the culture to publish research in a more open manner? What tools and services are needed to support research? These and other key topics will be presented over the three day conference, facilitating a cutting edge and lively forum around the elements required for the transition to Open Science.
  • Monday, 9 October, 2017 to Thursday, 12 October, 2017
    The European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) is an annual educational and networking event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.
  • Monday, 2 October, 2017 to Wednesday, 4 October, 2017
    The Ambient Assisted Living Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and supports them until they launch on the market. These innovations are presented at the annual AAL Forum, one of the largest European events of its kind. The Forum features workshops, keynote presentations and a large exhibition area.
  • Thursday, 21 September, 2017 to Friday, 22 September, 2017
    This event is organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in cooperation with the Government of Portugal. This year's edition will focus on "A Sustainable Society for All Ages - Realising the potential of living longer".
  • Monday, 20 November, 2017 to Tuesday, 21 November, 2017
    Broadband development will be thoroughly scrutinized during a two day event which brings together the most important actors on the broadband deployment and policy making scene.
  • Thursday, 22 June, 2017
    During the Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare Conference (InMed 2017) the European DESIREE project will hold a workshop for both experts and interested non-experts on Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems.
  • Thursday, 19 October, 2017 to Tuesday, 24 October, 2017
    The annual eHealth Forum in Athens will be held back to back with the International HL7 Interoperability Conference IHIC 2017.