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Alexandru AMBROS

Mayor of Ungheni City, Republic of Moldova


Alexandru AMBROS is currently serving his third term as Mayor (Democratic Party) of Ungheni City, Republic of Moldova, a city considered „the Western Gateway in Europe”. The city of Ungheni is the residence center of Ungheni district with a population of 30,804 inhabitants. Currently, Ungheni is an important cultural and economic centre with a high qualified human potential. There are 2104 small and medium enterprises. In 2002 the Free Economic Zone „Ungheni – Business” was set up.

As Mayor, Alexandru AMBROS conducts oversight of municipal administration that includes operation functions of various municipal enterprises. He possesses a thorough knowledge of the legal framework, regulations, ordinances and laws governing municipalities.

As a Mayor of Ungheni City, Alexandru AMBROS is directly responsible for the implementation of the local sustainable development strategies. Ungheni City has three general strategies (Ungheni Local Agenda 21 for 2007 - 2017, Ungheni General Urban Plan 2015 – 2030, Socio-Economic Strategy of Ungheni City 2014 - 2020) and six sectorial strategies (Sustainable Energy Action Plan/SEAP 2014-2020, Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and Action Plan 2013 – 2019, Waste Management Plan 2016-2020, Local Environmental Action Plan for Ungheni City 2016 – 2020, Road Traffic and Safety Study, Sectorial Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction of Ungheni City 2016 – 2020).

His main duties are to identify, analyse the local issues and find appropriate solutions and financial support for solving them. As an elected official, he works to develop and maintain effective working relationships with city councillors, officials, employees and representatives of private, public sector organizations and NGOs.

Under Alexandru AMBROS leadership, the city has attained great achievements. Ungheni has become the first city, which developed its General Urban Plan according to European standards and the first city that has elaborated its own sectoral strategy on disaster risk management. Ungheni City has a sustainable development strategy for tourism and a modern system of traffic lights.

A unique and specific experience of Ungheni is the collaboration with the Alliance of active NGOs "Pro Local Agenda 21 Ungheni" and, in particular, with the Regional Centre of Sustainable Development and Ungheni Community Foundation. The last one has administered eighteen small grant programs during eleven years and supported the community development.

As a Mayor of Ungheni City, Alexandru AMBROS has encouraged and stimulated the twinning between Ungheni and other cities in the world. Ungheni is currently twinned with 18 cities, including the municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Sector 5 Bucharest, Romania. These two cities contributed to the implementation of two beautiful projects: Rehabilitation of the Central Park in Ungheni, stage II, III (Cluj-Napoca) and Renovation and modernization of multifunctional cultural center from municipality of Ungheni „Regina Maria” (Sector 5 Bucharest).