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During the last 10 years, Arturo has been working in management of global innovation for the industrial sector with senior competencies on open Innovation, co-creation, and to reuse and identify synergies from other sectors for implementing new innovative solutions.

He is a close collaborator of Startup Europe initiative, expert evaluator of European Commission, PhD on Energy Engineering, and JCR reviewer of scientific publications on clean technologies and environmental issues.

Since 2018, Arturo is the founder and coordinator of StartupCity Europe Partnership (SCEP). Powered by Startup Europe (European Commission) and the main partner is Mind the Bridge Foundation. SCEP is a new pan-European network of cities with the goal of fostering the development of interconnected startup strategies at the local level. The main mission of SCEP is to democratize and interconnect medium-size European entrepreneurial cities and support them in becoming Startup Cities. SCEP aims at building alternative hubs by leveraging the skills and economic potential that are scattered across Europe.