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Grand Hotel Italia, 22/03/2019 (10:50-11:30)

This is an open discussion about a new concept based on strategic specialization of cities at local level. The mayors will share their own stories, interesting examples and views about different city strategies, and EU’s position in a global context.

The goal of this high-level roundtable is to highlight the keyword "startups" which equals innovation closest to the needs of the citizens, as a decentralization engine and a strong pillar for strategic cooperation between cities throughout Europe. The main focus will be on how Tier-2 Startup Cities can build alternative innovation hubs to country capitals, by leveraging the skills and economic potential scattered across Europe.

The focus will also be on synergetic local ecosystems, as the aim is to link the strategic decisions of the cities with a real implementation based on the specialization with "unique ingredients", specific for each local ecosystem.




Julien BRATU, 13/03/2019 09:50

I would like to participate in this section.

Julien Virgil Bratu


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