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Caravaggio room, Grand Hotel Italia, 21/03/2019 (14:00-15:15)

We invite promising Seed Stage startups from Central East Europe to join Startup Europe Summit to showcase their innovations in front of founders, investors, innovation executives, international media and public sector representatives. Discover the digital leaders of tomorrow, get inspired by cool innovation. The award ceremony for announcing the winner will be on the main stage.

The winner obviously receives great attention from investors, media, potential partners and future team members – not to forget the prize which will be announced later on. Do not hesitate to mingle with the founders pitching, and find out what they are looking for. You might join their cause, work with them or why not invest into their business.

You can find the jury members (called speakers) below:


  • Ivo ŠPIGEL (Co-founder, Tech.eu), Moderator
  • Cristian MUNTEANU (Managing Partner, Early Game Ventures), Panellist
  • Vojtech HORNA (VP Marketing and Communications, Index Ventures), Panellist
  • Bogdan IORDACHE (Partner, Gecad Ventures), Panellist
  • Felix HUBER (Head of Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Stripe), Panellist
  • Cristian DASCALU (Partner, GapMinder Venture Partners), Panellist
  • Márton MEDVECZKY (Investment Associate, Buran Venture Capital), Panellist
  • Milja LAAKSO (Office of Innovation, UNICEF, Acting Venture Fund Manager & Portfolio Collaborations lead UNICEF Venture Fund), Panellist


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