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Date: 19/06/2018 (11:45-13:00)

Analysing the representation of women off-screen and on-screen in the Member States

Improving the representation of women in the media has been an ongoing discussion and debate for a number of years. Within the broadcasting industry, there has been a growing understanding that greater diversity in audiovisual media can deeply help to overcome rooted gender stereotypes.

This panel discussion gathers representatives of audiovisual regulators, broadcasting and advertising industry. It will be organised around the joint ERGA/EPRA work which sheds light on the representation of women in audiovisual media. Analysing the representation of women both off and on-screen, the information gathered from media regulators will allow identifying best practices and initiatives across Member States.

Beyond regulation, we will also discover how advertisers and broadcasters can influence the way women are represented in media and perceived in today's society.

The session will start with a video message sent by the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Mr. Mounir Mahjoubi


  • Maja CAPPELLO (Head of Legal Department, European Audiovisual Observatory, France), Moderator
  • Celene CRAIG (Chair of European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA), Ireland), Panellist
  • Karim IBOURKI (Chair of Superior Council of the Audiovisual (CSA), Belgium), Panellist
  • Antonella DI LAZZARO (Deputy Director Digital at Rai (Italian Radiotelevision), Italy), Speaker
  • Justina RAIŽYTĖ (Development and Policy Manager, European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)), Speaker
  • Filippa WALLESTAM (CEO of Nordic Entertainment Group, Sweden), Panellist
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