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Head of Scandinavia
Global Development
RARE - Sweden


Darko Manakovski began his career in top-tier consulting/lobbying in London, before moving to Paris to co-establish Manakovski Global. Mr. Manakovski relocated to Paris where his core emphasis became lobbying and forecasting for players in the energy, innovation and sustainability industries, Simultaneously, he also attended Science PO The Paris School of International Affairs to deepen his expertise in the field of International Energy, Sustainability and Economics.

Between 2013 and 2017, Mr. Manakovski also served as Head of Northern Europe for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network and as Expert for the European Commission DG Connect. Currently, he is the Head of Scandinavia for a global NGO that works on sustainability and blended finance across sectors, based in Europe and Washington DC.

Darko Manakovski is a frequent keynote speaker, with an inspiring and motivational approach. Yet his talent is to create clarity out of the many and complex trends that tend to overwhelm us. He explores policy and regulation outlooks, innovation, strategies and the next big things in technology.