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Salzburg Research
Internet of Things
Senior Researcher

Dr. Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt; PhD in Information Systems. Senior Researcher and member of the IoT group at Salzburg Research. External lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (teaching: "AI and Algorithmic Game Theory” and "Game Theory for the Smart Grid").

Before joining Salzburg Research, she was researcher (MSc and PhD candidate) at the University of Belgrade, and in parallel, an application developer (1998 - 2004) and a project manager (2004 - 2006) in banking industry. Her research interests include Information Security, AI (Intelligent Web agents, Game Theory, process theory), ontology engineering and Semantic Web technologies. Her MSc thesis, “Web Pedagogical Agents: A Touch of Web Intelligence”, was awarded with the 2005 Research Award from the Serbian Society for Informatics.

Violeta has been involved in several EU projects, e.g. FP6 ImportNET, FP6 ProLearn, FP7 IKS, FP7 EAGLE (Enhanced Government Learning), and Austrian national projects: FIT-IT GRISINO, FFG UNDERSTANDER, and FFG IoT4Industry. Currently, she’s working on the H2020 FoF NIMBLE and Austrian FFG/bmvit IoT4CPS projects.

Web site: https://violetad.com/about-me-2/

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